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Residential Testimonials

"I enjoy my airtight house because of the comfort and low heating bills, but we needed fresh air. We had a moisture problem and a general stale air problem. My RenewAire unit has solved them both. Builders should install these systems in all new houses."
-Steve Melanz, Madison, Wisconsin

"My RenewAire unit clears the air of cigarette smoke and other polluntants in short order. It has reduced moisture in my home without increasing my energy bills."
-Ken McLaughlin, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

"I was skeptical about the ability of a RenewAire unit to solve my moisture problem. I talked to the local utility's energy center and they said that the air-to-air exchange ventilator was a proven technology. They also recognized RenewAire as a very good product. The unit has in fact solved our moisture problem and we haven't seen a significant increase in our energy costs. We have been very happy with RenewAire."
-Jeff Stafeil, DeForest, Wisconsin

"Our moisture problem in our brand-new post-and-beam home was worse than you can imagine. The skylights were literally running water. We had $500 worth of water damage in the first year. Two big dehumidifiers didn't touch the problem. We installed a RenewAire and the problem was eliminated completely. It was absolutely amazing! The air is noticeably easier to breathe and feels cleaner than any other house we have ever lived in. I can't say enough good things about your company and your product."
-Mel Nevelle, Amston, CT

"When I built my new home, I was aware of the dangers of chemicals such as formaldehyde, adhesives, and solvents out-gassing from common construction materials. I felt it was imperative to have some air quality assurance. I am completely satisfied with the RenewAire and its performance, reliability, and quality. The fresh way it smells outside after a spring rain - that's how it feels inside with RenewAire."
-Joe Desimone, New Kensington, PA

"We see RenewAire as a must...we would sacrifice something else before that."
-Arlene Fish, Baudette, MN
(Arlene and her husband were so happy with the RenewAire in their previous home,
they insisted on installing one in the home they built last year.)