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The below is an unsolicited "thank you" for RenewAire's ERVs solving a number of indoor air quality issues at a growing Grand Rapids, Michigan TNR / Cat Rescue. The testimonial speaks for itself and requires no further comment...Cat Looking Upward

"Hello, I would like to thank you for the quality products, and the extensive after-purchase support that you provided on my recent project. They were both remarkable." Bill Gabbard, Carol's Ferals Facebook=carolsferals Background:

"I am the facility maintenance-guy, (for lack of a less fancy title), at a large cat shelter/TNR (trap, neuter, return) facility. We operate out of a 2700 sq. foot facility that was built as a ranch-style home, that has since been converted for our needs. There are two separate furnace/AC systems that operate independently, due to an earlier addition of a second den and 2 more bedrooms. Our main focus is Trap-Neuter-Return. We empower our community to trap and fix stray and feral cats, and we have fixed nearly 7000 cats in 7 years. Our facility is also a loving home to up to 130 cat-residents at any given time! Sixty-five percent of the home is dedicated to cats up for adoption, who roam about freely. The other thirty-five percent of the home is dedicated to cats that are post-surgical, and/or other recovering medical issues...these cats are caged and live in a hospital environment.We have always run both furnace-blowers 24/7 for filtering and circulation reasons, and still do. Believe it or not, the facility never reeked of litter or cats like some folks might imagine, (three shifts/teams come in and clean/feed three times a day), so it was not so much a cat smell...but it was horribly stuffy, and stale. When we chose this facility, we never intended to grow so large, or serve so many cat-residents.

As we really started to grow, and have large numbers of cats, it became apparent that there were health issues involved that were not an issue in the past. We noticed tremendous amounts of moisture and humidity in the cold-months due to so many little pint-size breathers! We also began having outbreaks of Upper Respiratory infections, which as soon as we got it medicated and contained in one ward, would break out in another room or wing of the facility - and again, the heavy, stale air at all times.

I began researching the market and quickly zeroed in on your brand. Although i saw a few consumer/residential brand-names that I recognized, the quality was not there. The construction used lots of "plasticky" parts, and presented themselves visually, as being standard imported crap. The construction of these RenewAire units is unsurpassed...everything is mil-spec quality, built to endure for decades. I saw a competitors unit, and it was just flimsy galvanized steel, with zero sidewall insulation. The RenewAire rig is painted or powder coated...I dunno, but it is every bit as tough and impressive as the paint-job on my refrigerator. It is then lined with 1" thick, hardboard insulation, so it is "uber-weather" impervious.

The Install:

In October, we installed a RenewAire EV300 in the 2000sq. ft.wing that has all adoptable cats. Did the install by myself without issue. At the time of install, out of the 60+ cats in that wing, we had 19 cats on meds for URI's. By November, we had zero URI's. Overall, we have returned to very-low/non-existent URI infections, and even our two residents with lifelong asthma/breathing issues show far-less frequent flare-ups. The air is always fresh and crisp, and one visitor remarked: "It smells fresher in here than outside!" Also, customers continually remark about how they cannot believe that our facility with 100+ cats, smells cleaner than their home!

We were thrilled with the performance of the RenewAire unit and overall improvement of air-quality.. not to mention the health improvements in our Adoptables-wing. Therefor, it was not a difficult decision in December to install an EV130 in our Surgical/Rehab wing! All of the above noted positive, and desirable results and improvements, were immediately noticeable after that installation as well. And now our Medical wing is much healthier and "smells crisper/cleaner/fresher than outside". lol

(One bonus for us is, the operating cost of the Renewaire units, is less than the expense of medication for URI's), (Of course we want our whiskered friends to be healthy always, and regarding their well-being, money is not the object ...but it is still a nice bonus factor.!)

In closing, I just cannot put to paper how pleased we are with the improvement of air-quality in our facility. The cats are happier and healthier, and so are the volunteers and clients/guests.

I would heartily recommend RenewAire products and service to anyone interested. Thank you again for a fine product and great technical support!"