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Did you know that the average person generates roughly one gallon of moisture indoors every day? Between showering, cooking, washing dishes, even just breathing, a lot of moisture can be trapped inside your home. This can be especially problematic in winter where excess moisture can lead to indoor window condensation build up, and over time, if left unmitigated, will cause window damage or other structural defects. Other side effects of excessive moisture are rust, mildew, and mold causing homeowners to experience associated unpleasant odors and potential health issues.


Some manufacturers continually lecture that their Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) should be used in the north and their Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) in the south, using some self-published, authoritative-looking map. Unfortunately, in many cases, this has been promulgated to consumers and the building and HVAC industry as gospel for all brands and models. Yes, these companies have specific recommendations for their own models, using their own map to easily highlight areas of differentiation. And RenewAire agrees, for the models that each manufacturer produces, their geographical guidelines should always be followed. However, RenewAire produces ventilation systems that have no such geographical limitations and the broad assumption of HRVs in the north and ERVs in the south is not applicable. Our same product can be reliably used in Portland Oregon, Portland Maine, Denver Colorado, Phoenix Arizona, Minneapolis Minnesota, or Miami Florida, and all locations in between, year-round

Cold Climates

RenewAire utilizes a technology in our energy exchange core that does not allow condensation (liquid water) to form. Without liquid water forming, there is no need for defrost mechanisms which limit needed ventilation during cold weather. Additionally, RenewAire's ERVs are effective at controlling excess winter humidity in tight houses because they don't recover all of the moisture from the exhaust air. The RenewAire energy exchange core is designed to recover less moisture than heat, so plenty of excess moisture is exhausted out of the house. And because cold weather air is very dry, the long-term effect is making the house drier. Excess winter humidity is one of the top problems people solve with RenewAire. Studies show that enthalpic-transfer (transfers both heat and humidity) air-to-air exchange ventilators like RenewAire, when operated at the ventilation rates recommended to control poor indoor air quality, have plenty of moisture-removal capability in cold climates.

The Natural Choice for Fresher Air

Contrary to other manufacturer’s claims, RenewAire ERVs are the best ventilation choice in any part of the U.S. They temper heat and humidity extremes of ventilation air year-round, in all climates. Additionally, RenewAire has produced ERVs for nearly 30 years, and while the majority of our products are installed successfully in the Northern Tier states, we have installations throughout North America. RenewAire’s correct application of our own products allows us to exceed the growth of the growing Energy Recovery market and also become a dominant player in that marketplace. So, feel free to call us to learn more. We will work with your heating professional to get one successfully installed into your home right away.