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  • Indoor Cabinets of ERV Cores
  • Cost effective energy recovery for virtually any air handling system
  • Field assembled into AHU systems or integrated into custom packaged air handlers
  • Can be ordered factory assembled or disassembled for field assembly
  • Field assembly allows ingress into tight spaces, equipment rooms, or through access hatches
  • Complete flexibility in locating field supplied blowers
  • Typical Airflow Range of 1,500-13,200 cfm covered by Four Models:
    • PA6X: 1,500-6,600 cfm - AHRI 1060 Certified Core - Six L125-G5
    • PA8X: 2,000-8,800 cfm - AHRI 1060 Certified Core - Eight L125-G5
    • PA9X: 2,250-9,900 cfm - AHRI 1060 Certified Core - Nine L125-G5
    • PA12X: 3,000-13,200 cfm - AHRI 1060 Certified Core - Twelve L125-G5
  • Can be arranged in multiple units accommodating unlimited airflow capacities

Key Features

  • Utilizes RenewAire's exceptional static plate energy exchange core
    • AHRI certified performance data for efficiency and cross leakage
    • Ten year core performance warranty
    • Suitable for restroom exhaust
  • No liquid water (condensate) or accompanying drain line to deal with - as with many competing brands
  • Latched access doors (2 or 3 doors depending on model), each with airtight compression seals, allowing complete access to ERV cores from top of cabinet
  • One inch thick dense fiberboard insulation with scrimmed foil facing – washable, durable and easy to maintain – no loose insulation fibers to break off and enter the airstreams
  • UL tested flammability and smoke generation that meets NFPA 90A and 90B test standards for commercial applications
  • MERV 8, 2” pleated, 20”x20” nominal size filters as follows:
    • PA6X: Twelve total, six for each airstream
    • PA8X: Sixeen total, eight for each airstream
    • PA9X: Eighteen total, nine for each airstream
    • PA12X: Twentyfour total, twelve for each airstream