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Environmental Design - Construction (edc) September 6th 2013 The Official Magazine for the LEED Professional

A developer/consultant firm learns what it takes to achieve affordable, replicable results in its aim to create a LEED for Homes Platinum project. RenewAire is proud to help him achieve success. EDC September 2013 Tommy Linstroth founded Savannah, Georgia-based Trident Sustainability, a consulting group for sustainable design, construction and organizational sustainability, in 2010. During that time, his firm has participated in the creation of multiple LEED-certified projects like the Hotel Indigo in Athens, Ga., Fontaine Hall Student Residences in Columbus, Ga., and Ellis Square Visitor's Center in Savannah, all of which achieved LEED Gold, and the LEED Platinum Georgia Power Coastal Regional Offices in Savannah. Despite helping owners of commercial building after commercial building affordably achieve their sustainable goals, a question continued to echo in the back of Linstroth's mind: How difficult is it to economically create a sustainable, LEED-H Platinum house that doesn't skimp on the amenities but also doesn't go overboard?