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RenewAire is pleased to announce the introduction of the In-Store Display Kit for the EV90 Residential / Light Commercial ERV. When this point-of-purchase display is placed on a parts counter or aisle display rack, HVAC contractors can easily see the details and attributes that make RenewAire the superior choice for fresh outdoor air.

 EV90 on Display Stand

This cost effective, yet profession display stand and signage utilizes reusable appliques that can be applied (and later removed) to an unsold EV90 pulled from inventory. For contractors with showrooms, the unit on display does not create dead inventory, but can be sold to a customer and later replaced, all without the display stickers leaving any residue or compromising the unit in any way.

The Display Kit comes with two different message options for the top signage. One theme is more suited for wholesaler showrooms, while the other is great for consumer oriented audiences such as contractor showrooms or for use at home and building shows.

Other uses for these kits include model home displays, utility efficiency program displays, anywhere there will be an interested crowd of contractors or homeowners.

Interested in obtaining one or more of these Display Kits? Please contact your RenewAire Representative to obtain them without any charge to you.