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Please Refer to the Product Specific Installation and Operation Manual for Complete Instructions including Warnings and Precautions

Maintenance of the RenewAire Commercial Models (and Residential too!) is the simplest in the industry.

Filters and Energy Exchange Core

Inspect and change the filters regularly (generally every two or three months) and vacuum the face of the energy exchange core yearly when your ERV is in regular use. To access the filters, unlatch and remove or open the filter access door following the unit specific Installation and Operation Manual. Remove the filter keeper, if your unit has one, and pull the dirty filters out.

Dust collects only on the entering face of the energy exchange core, right where the filter sits. The interior of the energy exchange core remains clean even if the element faces are dust-covered. To clean the energy exchange core, simply vacuum the exposed faces of the energy exchange core with a soft brush attachment. While vacuuming, vacuum out any dust from the rest of the unit case. Finally, install new filters and reinstall the filter keeper if applicable.


Our Blowers Require no Lubrication. If necessary, vacuum clean the blower wheels at the same time you clean the face of the energy exchange core (annually).

The Energy Exchange Core is Not a Maintenance Item

Do not wash the energy exchange core or clean its faces using compressed air. It is not a maintenance item and is covered by a 10 year warranty with an expected service life well beyond that. RenewAire ERVs offer the lowest maintenance cost of any ERV, and are among the lowest priced to install. When you put all these benefits together, it's clear that RenewAire delivers greater performance value, comfort, fuel savings, safety, and ROI versus other rotary, heat pipe, and plate-exchanger manufacturers. This is just one reason why RenewAire is one of North America's leading manufacturers of ERV technology.