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Residential ERV Maintenance Tip – To Sum it Up, It’s Easy! And Don’t Forget… The Energy Exchange Core is Not a Filter

Maintenance of the RenewAire Residential Models (and Commercial too!) is the simplest in the industry. The ERV door should be unlatched and removed, the polyester orange and white filters removed (earlier units had green filters), and the diamond shaped cube or Energy Exchange Core (Core) vacuumed with a soft brush vacuum attachment. The removed filters should also be vacuumed (green filters), or replaced (polyester orange and white filters). As long as the two filters are in place in their factory locations, and the Core is vacuumed regularly, the Core will never foul or need replacing. Worse case, if the Core does foul due to missing filter(s), it can be easily reconditioned by the same vacuuming process.

The cubed shaped Core is often mistaken for a HEPA filter, which would require periodic replacement. However, the diamond shaped Core is instead the heart of the RenewAire ERV Ventilation System. Here is where heat and water vapor transfer takes place. The RenewAire static plate, air-to-air exchanger core transfers both heat and water vapor, moderating winter/summer temperature and humidity extremes year-round for maximum indoor living comfort at substantial energy savings. As a result, the RenewAire ERV is a year round ventilation system, not just a winter use product, like many others on the market.

With simple, consistent maintenance, your RenewAire residential ERV will last many years beyond the 10 year Energy Exchange Core warranty and provide year round cleaner air to breathe, letting you and your family feel better and healthier. Well maintained, it will do so in the most energy-efficient manner possible.