Electric Duct Heater

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Electric Duct Heater

RenewAire offers the highest-efficiency energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) on the market. However, during winter conditions, supply air from the ERV may be less than optimal for space conditions. By adding configurable electric duct heaters as an option to our commercial ERVs, RenewAire can now heat supply air during cooler months to enhance indoor comfort, all via one package for ERVs and heaters from a single source.

Key Benefits

  • A single source reduces time and costs: A single information source, a single purchase point and a single approval package for ERVs and heaters reduces design time and costs, and streamlines logistics for design engineers and contractors.
  • More flexibility: RenewAire offers design engineers the capacity to specify ERVs with a matching heater to boost flexibility and provide heated air to a single space or multiple spaces.
  • Easy installation: A ZERO clearance rating to combustibles allows designers and contractors to apply RenewAire heaters with less restrictions onsite.
  • Ultimate reliability: RenewAire heaters come with our two-year warranty and unmatched reliability. Single-source responsibility offers contractors and end users peace of mind and a single call location for technical, start-up and commissioning questions.
  • Highly certified: UL Listed (UL1996 Standard) and CSA certified.

Model and Features

RenewAire offers two series of heaters: EH and EK. They can be rotated 180°, in addition EK heaters can be flipped 180°. The EH and EK are capable of vertical up airflow, and the EK is also capable of vertical down airflow.

Standard Features

  • Open-coil element
  • Slip-in mount installation
  • Airflow switch
  • Duct stat and duct sensor
  • Control terminal board
  • Control transformer
  • Power fusing over 48 amps included
  • Disconnect switch
  • Grounding lugs
  • Left-hand offset control box
  • A disconnecting magnetic control contactor per stage or each 48-amp circuit within a stage
  • Automatic high-limit switch for primary over-temperature protection
  • Manual reset low-limit switch for secondary over-temperature protection
  • The wire rack element suspension system allows for a low-pressure drop across the coils with its aerodynamic design
  • In horizontal applications, airflow can travel in either direction without any modification, allowing for easy field modifications
  • Control box features hinge and latch for easy access
Electric Duct Heater

Options and Accessories

  • Electronic step controller: Provides electronic sequencing control of an electric duct heater up to 4 steps. When interruption of power occurs, all the stages will recycle to off. Upon the restoration of power, re-energize the switches in a stepping sequence. Commonly used with a 2–10 vDC from a stand-alone T-stat, 2-10 vDC from a DDC building automation system and 4-20 mA from a building automation system.
  • Time delay relay: Relays provide a time delay of 30 to 60 seconds when energizing or de-energizing the controlled circuit. Standard control of 24 volts.
  • Pilot lights: Side-panel installation for indicating heater is energized. Control voltages are available as 24 or 120 volts.
  • SCR controls: SCRs provide the finest in electric duct heater control with 100% step-less modulating control. Utilizes Solid State Relays (SSR) to switch current to the heating elements on a time-proportioned basis. Heaters with SCR controls have internal thermal protection to prevent overheating.