Integrated Programmable Controls

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Integrated Programmable Controls

RenewAire’s Integrated Programmable Controls optimize the usability and performance of our commercial ERVs by improving functionality, enabling intelligent controls, streamlining operations and boosting efficiencies. This is accomplished via sophisticated factory-installed microprocessor controls and sensors that provide stand-alone ERVs with Direct Digital Control (DDC) and/or Building Management System (BMS) control interface.

Key Benefits

Optimize usability:
  • Maximize ERV functionality and intelligent control via remote Ethernet accessibility and BMS connectivity without third-party interface.
  • Streamline operations by easily managing and changing ERV control parameters via an advanced user interface.
  • Increase uptime reliability through constant system monitoring.
  • Achieve cleaner and healthier indoor air via IAQ-based ERV control.
Improve performance:
  • Support effective and efficient ERV performance with real-time data trending and logging capabilities.
  • Enhance ERV control via access to real-time airflow rates, airstream temperature and airstream humidity.
  • Facilitate fast and easy ERV upkeep and maintenance with real-time fan, filter and bypass status.
Increase capabilities:
  • Expand ERV connectivity via access to a wide range of open standard protocols, including BACnet and Modbus.
  • Broaden ERV interoperability by connecting to third-party equipment and receiving third-party signals for unit control.
  • Expand ERV-application scope by meeting new code requirements and the needs of institutional customers requiring DDC controls in mechanical equipment.
Simplify operations:
  • Achieve easier ERV setup, commissioning and balancing via simple-to-install controls.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by easily communicating ERV status, airflows, temperatures and humidity.
  • Allow for more flexible installations by enabling ERVs to be interconnected with a BMS, operated independently or run in concert with other ERVs.

Models and Features

Standard Controls
via dry contact and relays

Our ERV units are provided with a dry contact that can be used to control the unit with a variety of low-voltage (24VAC) control devices such as remote switches or relays. In addition, third-party analog output can be used to operate the ERV.

NEW - Enhanced Controls
Carel [c.pCOMini] with or without BACnet

Enhanced controls offer automated control, including temperature and humidity control with data trending via microprocessor controls and sensors that enable BMS connectivity.

NEW - Premium Controls
Carel [c.pCOMini] with expansion module with or without BACnet

Premium controls include all functionality of enhanced-controls capabilities, as well as airflow and IAQ monitoring, demand control, electric or gas heating options, as well as RD-Series cooling and heating control.





Ability to automatically enable and disable unit

Enable the exhaust fan only (See note 1)

Filter alarm for both sets of filters (See note 2)

Bypass controls† (See note 3)

Control isolation dampers† (See note 4)

Supply fan only modulation for VFD/ECM units† (See note 5 and 6)

Exhaust fan only modulation for VFD/ECM units† (See note 5 and 6)

Internal time clock (See note 7)

Defrost controls - Canada only

Smoke detection - sensor required (See note 8)

Demand control ventilation using CO2 - sensor required

Occupancy-based ventilation - sensor required

IAQ control ventilation using VOC - sensor required

Microprocessor controller

Provide supply and exhaust air temperatures

Provide outside and return air temperature and humidity†

Fan status on both fans††

Enable the supply fan only†

Enable the exhaust fan only†

Micro USB port

Fieldbus port

BACnet MS/TP or BACnet TCP/IP - activation required


Data trending

Outside airflow rate

Exhaust airflow rate

Space pressure control

Duct pressure control

Unit supply air temp

Heating enable

Heating modulation - staged or modulating

Cooling modulation* - staged or modulating

*RD-Series units only
†Not available on EV450
††EF fan status not available on EV450


  1. Relays and terminal block (option).
  2. Differential pressure sensing tube and pressure switch with manual trip point adjustment (option), wiring to switch and alarm indication provided by others.
  3. Option on HE-Series (IN) and standard on RD-Series.
  4. 24V transformer contactors and relays (option).
  5. VFD (option). Factory installed and wired.
  6. ECM (option) Potentiometer control factory wired.
  7. Independent time clock (option).
  8. External smoke detector (option), field installed in series to shut off unit in adverse conditions.





CO2 sensor (wall or duct mount)*

IAQ sensor (wall or duct mount)*

Occupancy sensor (ceiling or wall mount)

Smoke detector (duct mount)

BACnet factory activation (MS/TP or TCP/IP)

Remote display (handheld or wall mount)

Room Pressure Sensor (with or without display)

Duct Static Pressure Sensor (with or without display)


*Sensor output is 0-10 vdc, for use as on/off or modulating control.