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RenewAire ERV Maintenance

It's Easy!

Your RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilator is built for long service life and requires very little maintenance. In fact, maintenance of our ERVs is the simplest in the industry. It involves three basic steps:

  1. Disconnecting the unit's power source

  2. Inspecting and changing the unit's filters

  3. Vacuuming the face of the energy exchange element, if necessary


Detailed Instructions

Detailed maintenance instructions can be found in your unit's Installation and Operation Manual (I&O Manual). Copies of current manuals can be found for each unit by visiting our products page, selecting your unit model, and then clicking on the Literature tab. The I & O Manual will be listed under this tab. Simply click the hotlink to load a PDF version or call RenewAire directly to have one emailed or faxed.

Looking for Maintenance Assistance?

Are you a Homeowner Looking for Maintenance Assistance? RenewAire relies on trained HVAC professionals to support our homeowner customer base. Do not hesitate to call your installing contractor to set up a service call for maintenance. You or he/she is welcome to call us anytime during the process with questions or concerns.

Replacement Filters

RenewAire's Residential ERVs use MERV 8 rated, spun polyester, disposable filters. The RenewAire part number for ERV models beginning with EV, BR, or GR is 990447 which is a universal three pack of filters. These filters are available from your HVAC contractor or a number of online outlets for the DIY Homeowner. Note: RenewAire's Commercial ERVs use readily available MERV 8 rated, 2" pleated filters. Refer to the unit's I & O Manual for specific filter nominal size.

With simple, consistent maintenance, your RenewAire residential ERV will last many years beyond the factory warranty period.