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Printed Materials

Classroom and online training is one thing, but targeted materials to put into the hands of your clients are another, and are critically important. The RenewAire V-PRO Program provides participants a wealth of valuable resources to educate and inform their target clients, from RenewAire's new Residential Brochure which quickly communicates RenewAire's exceptionally strong value proposition to a homeowner, to our recently redone Commercial Product catalog that is an excellent communication piece in a conversation with a building owner.

Customer Presentation Video/PPT

Tired of presenting a concept without a tool to illustrate what an ERV is and why you need one? Well let us support you with these effective videos and PPT to make it easier to communicate and sell!

As new presentations are available, they will be added to this page of the website and posted to our YouTube channel (

Digital Resources

Make sure you take advantage of our on-line resources like this website which has a Technical Library, presentations and case studies. Also our microsite ( can be so helpful in information and combined with our e-Newsletter and social media sites like Facebook ( and LinkedIn ( and YouTube videos ( there is a plethora of information for everyone.

Branded Apparel / Padfolio

To finish off the professional look and keep your customers thinking about RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilation, RenewAire will provide successful enrollees branded shirts for you to stay in style and a branded padfolio to keep organized with RenewAire.


The identifiable V-PRO truck decal becomes the badge for education and signifies a standard of customer care that goes beyond just hot and cold and includes an often overlooked component of ventilation. The V-PRO ranking can be a status symbol and an assurance of success for the end-user who feels that they have the most competent contractor. Again, reach out to your wholesale partner to enroll as a V-PRO contractor - or click here to enroll online - and obtain your starter box.


Comprehensive Education Support


By creating a greater understanding of RenewAire's unique technology and product capabilities among V-PRO Wholesalers, they in turn will pass on their enriched knowledge and appreciation to their V-PRO HVAC contractor enrollees. Utilizing a variety of educational tools, both in classroom (at the V-PRO Wholesaler) and on-demand electronic/digital media, V-PRO HVAC contractors will be motivated to bring what they've learned to the end-user markets. As an HVAC professional, you will now have the required "tools" to actually sit down with a home or building owner and say, "Listen, I have an exceptional product I strongly believe you should consider.. please allow me a few minutes to tell you about it, and how it will deliver both improved ventilation and cost-savings." When such a message comes from a qualified professional source, it has a powerful impact on the end-user's willingness to make a purchase.

Direct Success Modeling and Support

RenewAire's highly trained Manufacturer's Representative and Factory Staff provide a direct line of contact on all things RenewAire and can assist directly throughout the sales process. No other professional program offers today's ventilation professional more direct and personal educational tools for success than V-PRO from RenewAire.


The Green Ventilation Opportunity -
Business Tools for Profit and Growth

Get Behind the Power of the RenewAire Brand

RenewAire is a recognized leader in creating individualized ventilation solutions for homeowners, as well as commercial installations large and small. A well-respected supplier, RenewAire is one of the largest manufacturers of Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) in North America, offering industry-leading features in the broadest line of models available. No other company offers greater value, performance, comfort, fuel savings, and ROI in the deliverance of advanced ventilation solutions than RenewAire.


Probably the most coveted of the entire V-PRO Contractor program will be these valuable leads off of our marketing efforts to grow the industry and ultimately your business. Once you are enrolled as a V-PRO Contractor, you will be added to our website Locator with a special V-PRO icon designating you as one.


RenewAire will be running promotions of varying frequency and duration to help make it easier to sell and install more ERVs and build this area your business. We will inform you of promotions as they occur.

It's all Good

With a founding mission of maximizing energy conservation, RenewAire makes energy efficiency and sustainability the prime design criterion for every product we make and sell. Our ERVs are manufactured in Madison, WI in one of the few buildings worldwide to be LEED and Green Globes certified, as well as having achieved Energy Star Building status. As a WindMade Pioneer member, RenewAire powers its factory with 100% wind-generated electricity. Our annual success is measured by the number of people enjoying fresher indoor air thanks to our ERVs, and the amount of energy our products save in the process. In a world of fake green, it's good to be behind a brand that passionately respects the environment.



A Business Development Program
For HVAC Contractors

RenewAire sells our products exclusively through the HVAC wholesale channel. We work with approximately 300 of the industry's largest and most recognized HVAC wholesalers in North America. RenewAire is proud to bring value in delivering the "V" in total ventilation solutions to those wholesalers, and in turn their dealer and contractor bases, on a daily basis.

RenewAire is proud to offer the V-PRO Program - an exclusive opportunity for the "prime cut" of that contractor / dealer base. To you, the dealer or contractor who goes beyond simply selling "hot or cold", we envision this program providing not only an exclusive reservoir of training and information materials, but a sales creation program. The sales program is designed to work hand in glove with your sponsoring V-PRO Wholesaler to drive additional business into your organization, deepen your relationship with your V-PRO Wholesaler partner and assist you to be the best in delivering the "V" in ventilation to your customers.

Visit the other pages of this area of the website to learn more about the tools that RenewAire is offering to their V-PRO enrollees to support you as you grow this portion of your business.

If you are a current contractor regularly using RenewAire products or excited to become one and are interested in this program, begin the conversation by contacting your local RenewAire Manufacturer's Representative. You can find who that is by clicking here.


Application Drawings

General Commercial Application Drawings

Two Engineers Reviewing Plans

100% Outdoor Air Applications - Roof Mounted

Fractional Outdoor Air Applications - Roof Mounted

EV450RT or HE-Series Rooftop RTV Airflow to Rooftop Air Handling Unit Drawing

Fractional Outdoor Air Applications - Roof Mounted w/ Scheduled Exhaust

Roof-Top End Connect Systems


Psychometric Charts