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Comprehensive Education Support


By creating a greater understanding of RenewAire's unique technology and product capabilities among V-PRO Wholesalers, they in turn will pass on their enriched knowledge and appreciation to their V-PRO HVAC contractor enrollees. Utilizing a variety of educational tools, both in classroom (at the V-PRO Wholesaler) and on-demand electronic/digital media, V-PRO HVAC contractors will be motivated to bring what they've learned to the end-user markets. As an HVAC professional, you will now have the required "tools" to actually sit down with a home or building owner and say, "Listen, I have an exceptional product I strongly believe you should consider.. please allow me a few minutes to tell you about it, and how it will deliver both improved ventilation and cost-savings." When such a message comes from a qualified professional source, it has a powerful impact on the end-user's willingness to make a purchase.

Direct Success Modeling and Support

RenewAire's highly trained Manufacturer's Representative and Factory Staff provide a direct line of contact on all things RenewAire and can assist directly throughout the sales process. No other professional program offers today's ventilation professional more direct and personal educational tools for success than V-PRO from RenewAire.