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Printed Materials

Classroom and online training is one thing, but targeted materials to put into the hands of your clients are another, and are critically important. The RenewAire V-PRO Program provides participants a wealth of valuable resources to educate and inform their target clients, from RenewAire's new Residential Brochure which quickly communicates RenewAire's exceptionally strong value proposition to a homeowner, to our recently redone Commercial Product catalog that is an excellent communication piece in a conversation with a building owner.

Customer Presentation Video/PPT

Tired of presenting a concept without a tool to illustrate what an ERV is and why you need one? Well let us support you with these effective videos and PPT to make it easier to communicate and sell!

As new presentations are available, they will be added to this page of the website and posted to our YouTube channel (

Digital Resources

Make sure you take advantage of our on-line resources like this website which has a Technical Library, presentations and case studies. Also our microsite ( can be so helpful in information and combined with our e-Newsletter and social media sites like Facebook ( and LinkedIn ( and YouTube videos ( there is a plethora of information for everyone.

Branded Apparel / Padfolio

To finish off the professional look and keep your customers thinking about RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilation, RenewAire will provide successful enrollees branded shirts for you to stay in style and a branded padfolio to keep organized with RenewAire.


The identifiable V-PRO truck decal becomes the badge for education and signifies a standard of customer care that goes beyond just hot and cold and includes an often overlooked component of ventilation. The V-PRO ranking can be a status symbol and an assurance of success for the end-user who feels that they have the most competent contractor. Again, reach out to your wholesale partner to enroll as a V-PRO contractor - or click here to enroll online - and obtain your starter box.