A BIG Introduction!

The New LE-Series of Energy Recovery Ventilators

Announced at this year's AHR Show in New York City, RenewAire is pleased to introduce the New Large Capacity ERV LE-Series

Expanding on the broadest line of commercial Energy Recovery Ventilation equipment available in the Americas, RenewAire introduces the LE-series, large-format ERV models. -More airflow -Superior air handling efficiency -Reduced sound levels -All at a lower cost!Featuring a new internal airflow geometry, the LE series is currently available for airflows up to 8800 CFM and offers higher airflow and static pressure capabilities with lower blower horsepower, lower sound levels and lower cost than previous models. The LE-series can also be ordered as two easy to assemble modules allowing shipment in enclosed trailers and greatly simplified site handling. These benefits add to RenewAire’s industry-leading value represented by superior heat and humidity transfer with the simplicity and reliability and AHRI Certified zero exhaust air transfer of its fifth-generation static plate core technology. The LE-series is available in both indoor and rooftop versions. All RenewAire commercial ERVs including the HE-series, packaged ERV line, the RD-series, DOAS line and the CA and PA-series, applied line are made-to-order, configured for the project with many popular orientation, air handling and controls options. Other popular options include factory installed VFDs and low-leakage insulated isolation dampers. RenewAire LE-series is big news for the best in energy- efficient ventilation truly “The Natural Choice for Fresher Air”.


Available now! Contact your RenewAire Representative for pricing!

Model Type Airflow
LE6XINH, LE6XINV Indoor 1,500-6,600 cfm
LE6XRT Outdoor 1,500-6,600 cfm
LE8XINH, LE8XINV Indoor 2,000-8,800 cfm
LE8XRT Outdoor 2,000-8,800 cfm