With greater focus on green and sustainable buildings, damper leakage rates are more important than ever. Therefore, with new and upcoming regulation changes on dampers, RenewAire will stay ahead of the curve. We have updated our existing commercial product offering with Class 1 Low Leakage Dampers.

Moving forward, this upgrade will be available for new commercial products developed and manufactured by RenewAire. Our current commercial product lines switched over to Class 1 Low Leakage Dampers on April 30, 2018.

Please be advised our Full Line ERV Catalog version XVII should no longer be used to provide dimensions and weights. Rather please use submittals and drawings found on our new website which reflect the Class I low leakage damper modifications. New printed catalogs will be available in conjunction with the release of our new DOAS and Slimline residential ERVs by the end of June. Lastly, note previous dimension drawings (units effective until April 30, 2018 – prior to Class I Damper update), will remain on our site for reference for the near future.

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