We’re excited to introduce several new RenewAire products, including:

DN Series DOAS with Energy Recovery and Integrated Refrigeration

  • This product builds upon our current Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) with fixed-plate energy recovery by adding integrated refrigeration. In addition to conditioning outdoor air with efficient and sustainable technology, this series offers a refrigeration option. A configurable unitary platform provides single-source responsibility and streamlines the design-to-purchase-to-installation process. The result is one of the most energy-efficient DOAS units on the market today for all commercial applications, which also excels in low dew-point conditions. View the press release by clicking here.

EV Series Premium ERVs

  • This product offers everything provided by the EV Series, plus even more benefits. Ideal for single- and multi-family structures, as well as light-commercial buildings, these ERVs incorporate high-efficiency EC-motor fans to meet strict California energy codes. The ETL Listed and HVI-Certified EV Premium Series ERVs also include a new dial-a-flow controller that allows users to set airflow for maximizing comfort. In addition, these ERVs have boost-mode capabilities with MERV 13 filters as an accessory to further enhance IAQ.

SA Series Energy Recovery Core Array

  • This product is designed specifically for air-handling Original Equipment Manufacturers. The SA Series provides near-zero cross-contamination at balanced airflow in typical conditions, caters to larger airflow applications and supports meeting and exceeding stringent ASHRAE standards. It’s differentiated by unique plenum channeling for optimized core face area distribution for either over-and-under or side-to-side configurations. The SA Series can be assembled anywhere and sized for every project. It’s the flexible, modular, easy-to-install solution ideal for all jobs, particularly retrofits and energy-wheel replacements.

MERV 13 Filters in Residential ERVs

  • At RenewAire, we’re constantly seeking ways to improve the human condition by enhancing IAQ energy-efficiently and sustainably. Therefore, we now provide MERV 13 filters in all of our residential ERVs. MERV 13 filters offer superior protection against harmful outdoor air contaminants, including the smallest and most dangerous ones, PM2.5. This is fine particulate matter (PM) with diameters of 2.5 micrometers. Because the particles are so small, they’re inhaled and can get stuck in people’s lungs and cause serious health problems.

Automatic Balancing Valve (ABV) Dampers (4”, 5” and 6”)

  • This product maintains a constant airflow volume in HVAC applications. The engineered damper blade is calibrated to automatically adjust to varying pressures using physics, not electricity, giving the damper true pressure independence. Simply set the damper to the airflow you need, and through modulation it maintains that level.