RenewAire Moves into Larger Facility Due to Growing Demand

Seeking LEED Gold, the new facility is more than double the size of the previous one and offers high IAQ via increased-ventilation design

RenewAire is moving into a new, 111,000-square-foot facility that’s more than double the size of its previous building. The move is in response to growing market demand for Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs), and the new facility is seeking LEED Gold certification – a step up from the previous facility’s LEED Silver. In addition, due to the installation of RenewAire ERVs and increased-ventilation design, the facility offers a high level of indoor air quality (IAQ).

“The new facility supports our mission of fostering sustainability, helping the planet by reducing energy use and at the same time improving human health and wellbeing,” said Chuck Gates, who co-founded RenewAire over 30 years ago. Nick Agopian, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at RenewAire, continued, “We practice what we preach, and by applying our ERVs in the new facility, we can provide high IAQ and demonstrate different ventilation strategies with real-time operations and energy savings.”

For more information on RenewAire’s new facility, view the press release by clicking here: RenewAire Moves into Larger Facility.