In response to growing demand for smaller and more flexible units, we are introducing the RenewAire Slimline ERV SL Series. The ETL Listed and HVI-Certified Slimline is compact, fits into tight spaces and can be adjusted to a specific point by one CFM increment to vary supply and exhaust airflows. It can also operate continuously at that low airflow with a boost-mode option for temporarily high airflow. It is the perfect ERV for high-rise condos, apartments, townhouses, residential homes, compartmentalized commercial spaces with minimal bulkhead and ceiling space, and Passive House applications.

Our low-profile, commercial-grade appliance has:

  • 30–130 CFM range, four-duct configuration
  • EC motors, variable speed with boost-mode, Dial-A-Flow Easy Balancing, plug-in or hard wired power
  • MERV 13 filter capability

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Static Plate Core

Not all ERVs are created equal. RenewAire’s high-efficiency, static-plate, enthalpy-core ERVs utilize a highly developed air-to-air energy-exchange core. Many layers of plates physically separate the airstreams so there’s no cross-contamination of the fresh air. The plates are made of an engineered “resin” material that simultaneously transfers heat through conduction and humidity by attracting bound water vapor from one airstream to the other. This is done while moderating extremes in both temperature and humidity. 


  • Certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) against standard CAN/CSA-C439-18 for an industry-leading CFM/w and energy-transfer effectiveness for all RenewAire residential units (except BR series)
  • Superior core flammability performance; passes UL-723 and UL-18