The American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act of 2020 directs the EPA to implement an 85 percent phase down of the production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbons (known as HFCs) by 2035. HFCs are potent greenhouse gasses used today in coolants in refrigerators and air conditioning systems and in other industrial processes.

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In response to the AIM Act, which dictates that RenewAire cannot ship packaged refrigeration units with R410a after January 1, 2025, we are suspending all new quotes on packaged refrigeration units in CORES, effective immediately.

With our current backlog and our capacity to produce these units before that date, we have a limited number of units that can be produced for quotes that have already been submitted. If you have quotes for packaged units outstanding that are still pending, please send this information to Shirley Hall at [email protected] for assistance. We appreciate this information as soon as we can get that to ensure that we can meet everyone’s needs.

Thank you for your cooperation.