Plug-and-play BACnet® Fan Control cuts fan control installation costs and simplifies BMS ERV operation; IE5+ ultra-premium efficiency motor increases ERV fan efficiency

RenewAire®, a Waunakee, WI-based manufacturer of HVAC and indoor air quality (IAQ) products, introduced its BACnet® Fan Control accessory and an IE5+ ultra-premium efficiency motor option to its HE Series and LE Series product lines of energy recovery ventilators (ERV).

The easy-to-operate, plug-and-play BACnet Fan Control’s installation saves up to 50% in labor/material costs versus adding an I/O connection for ERV BMS monitoring/control for commercial building IAQ. RenewAire’s proprietary BACnet Fan Control is a custom-engineered, BACnet MS/TP protocol device designed for facility managers and installation/service contractors that prefer quick, simple on/off and 0 to 100% variable frequency drive (VFD) fan speed selections, versus RenewAire’s more feature-rich Integrated Programmable Control (IPC) option.

Ideal applications are mall/strip center retail stores, classrooms, healthcare offices and other spaces that need to override idle, interlocked central air handling units when quick outdoor air induction from the ERV is needed for individual space IAQ enhancement.

BACnet Fan Control is constructed of a durable 4.8″ (h) x 3.25″ (w) x .95″ (d) acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic case that can be remotely installed via 24V wire anywhere between the ERV and building management system (BMS). Control/monitoring can be viewed through the remote’s 2.07″ (h) x 1.75″ (w) readout display or through the BMS’s dashboard. Installation and wiring take only minutes for mechanical or control contractors, supported by how-to videos at and factory customer service representatives.

Besides traditional ERV activation through an air handler’s interlock, BMS, or manual operation, the BACnet Fan Control can also activate on/off functions automatically with light, occupancy, CO2, motion and other sensors.

The BACnet Fan Control can also be applied to residential multi-family, college room or isolated space applications with RenewAire’s commercial-certified EV Premium and SL Series units, but only for Boost Mode activation through BACnet.

Other benefits of the BACnet Fan Control include:

  • 24V hard-wired with local RS-485 bus, thus not exposed to Wi-Fi hacking and other cyber security concerns;
  • BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) Listed;
  • Can also operate independently of a BACnet system as a stand-alone, manual on/off and fan speed control;
  • Operate with EC or PSC motors as well as VFDs;
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofits of existing RenewAire HE and LE models.

New IE5+ Ultra-Premium Efficiency Motor Debuts in HE and LE Series

While the BACnet Fan Control simplifies ERV operation, RenewAire’s new IE5+ ultra-premium efficiency motor offers more functionality and significantly reduces operational energy costs up to 15% versus IE3 motors. The IE5+ motor option is factory-integrated with RenewAire’s proprietary VFD.

Other features of the IE5+ ultra-premium efficiency motor include:

  • Synchronous resistance rudder design eliminates rotor losses;
  • Operates at a flat efficiency regardless of part load;
  • Internal grounding bushings for bearing current mitigation eliminates shaft grounding ring;
  • Drop-in replacement compatibility with for retrofitting RenewAire VFD-based ERVs to higher performance and efficiency;
  • Uses sustainable non-rare earth magnetic materials.

RenewAire’s HE and LE Series ERVs use G5 static plate enthalpy core technology in the process of reusing energy from exhaust. The energy-efficient thermal recovery heats or cools incoming outdoor air. There is near-zero cross contamination between outdoor/indoor air streams in RenewAire G5 core equipment, which makes it perfect for safely diluting biological and volatile organic compound (VOC) contaminants.

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